Bright Garden Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the RSL Clubrooms, Camp St. Bright from 7:30 - 10:00PM (including supper). Meetings are held February to November with our December meeting taking place in a local restaurant to celebrate Christmas.

Membership fees for 2017/18 are $20.00, $23.00 for new members, which includes a name badge.  Membership includes insurance coverage for all members and guests.

At our monthly meetings we have occasional guest speakers, slide nights (not boring, I can assure you) and video on gardens and gardening. Members are encouranged to bring along for discussion and identification any plants, pests, diseases and topics relating to gardens.

As we are in the North East of Victoria our weather ranges from severe frosts, occasional snow, substantial rain fall and temperatures that vary between minus 5-7 degrees up to 40 degrees celsius in summer .
Weather and season permitting the first Sunday after the Meeting each month we visit a member’s garden (byo chair and afternoon tea).

Visits to other places of interest in the district are arranged.  Some members have “Open Garden” to the public during Bright Autumn and Spring Festivals.  New members are always welcome and we are always looking for new ideas and input from club members.  Visitors to Bright and Surrounding Areas are welcome to attend our meetings.

Office Bearers:

President: Rosemary Withers (03) 5750 1555
Secretary: Linda Meighan 0439 717 750
Treasurer:  Sue de Carheil (03) 5755 2389

Meetings Second Tuesday of the Month, February to November, at 7.30pm at the RSL Clubrooms, Camp Street, Bright